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1. Official links:

- Using face mask in the community · European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: click here
- Technical Report Mask 
· European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: click here
- World Health Organization · Quick questions & answers: click here

2. What does a hygienic mask mean?

It’s a non-medical face mask and it should be used maintaining a minimum physical distance of at least 1 metre from others.

They cover the mouth, nose and chin and are fitted with a harness that surrounds the head or is attached to the ears. They are usually made up of one or more layers of textile material and can be reusable or single use.

3. Does the hygienic mask protect me and others?

They are a barrier element to protect you against the spread of COVID-19 as long as they are used together with the other measures of physical distance, hand hygiene and other recommendations of the World Health Organization.

4. Does it protect just like a sanitary mask?

Available scientific data suggests that hygienic masks are less effective than medical masks as a means of virus control. However, as indicated by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:The use of masks could reduce infections by minimizing the release of respiratory particles from infected people”.

The people who must use these masks are healthy people who have to expose themselves to situations with a lot of traffic, for example: public transport, commuting to work, shopping in person, attending in person to public buildings ... etc. 

5. What type of certificate do these masks have?

They are certified by the international laboratory Intertek and IGC Certificación Global S.L. Download certificate

- Protective respiratory equipment: GZHT02281942 is the certification that guarantees that it is a protective respiratory equipment that allows air permeability and validates the quality of the piece. Download

- Prevents particle transfer: WATER-REPELLENT GZHT02276003 endorses the resistance of the Poly Fabric With Water Repellent treatment that integrates the fabric is commercially valid and is rated with a score of 95% in the ranking. This technology prevents the transfer of liquid particles. Download

- Ensures breathability: GB 2626 GZHT02276507-S1 is the test that ensures breathability. Both inhalation and exhalation resistance, retained humidity, and generated temperature conform to standardized requirements. Download

- 30 washes and 99.9% antibacterial effectiveness: ANTI BACTERIA GZHT02274387 This test supports the 99.9% effectiveness of antibacterial treatment applied to tissue. It has been tested in Tested in Staphylococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae. The effectiveness of the treatment resists 30 washes.Download

6. How many times can I use it?

Its antibacterial efficacy is guaranteed at 99.9% during the first 30 washes. From there, you can use the mask for other uses against pollen, dust, smoke, and fluids with no expiration date. Precisely, this is one of the positive points in favor of the environment, since not being a mask to use and throw away daily, we considerably reduce waste. Also after those 30 washes, you can search for different uses and even why not, who knows if one day you will need a costume. You know, reuse!  

7. How to care for the mask?

For optimal results, it is advisable to wash the mask daily with warm water and neutral or hand soap. For a deep cleaning it can be washed at 60º. Aggressive detergents can eliminate chemical treatments. As recommended by the Ministry of Health: "Each manufacturer explains the washing instructions. Using a method other than that recommended may deteriorate the product and, therefore, lose its effectiveness"

8. Can I wear glasses over my masks?

YES! In fact it prevents misting. The mask incorporates a nasal fit that improves comfort even when wearing glasses and prevents fogging caused by breathing.

9. Can the mask be returned?

Unfortunately for reasons of health protection and hygiene, returns are not accepted.

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